History of American University of Europe

It started in the year 2003 as the Faculty of Social Sciences and later with the expansion of its academic span, in 2005 it became FON University.

The quantum leap occurred in the year 2020, under the auspices of the US Fund Titanium Capital and its team of Nobel Laureates and international acclaimed scholars that gathered to constitute a new governance and trusteeship, FON evolved into the American University of Europe.

The American University of Europe, AUE-FON, is the first private university in the Republic of North Macedonia.

AUE – FON will initiate the aspiring Macedonians through a rigorous American academic program to a global liberal educational enabler platform. On the other hand it will become a focal center of attraction to regional and international students who wish to delve in both liberal high end academics and the peaceful serenity of North Macedonia. As education has no limits, so the pledge of AUE – FON.