The work-study program allows you to gain work experience, discipline, and a sense of personal responsibility and accomplishment. Students are assigned to work in offices/divisions across the university for a certain number of hours per semester, at a per hour rate that could extend up to 30 % of the total tuition.

To be eligible for Work-Study, your financial aid application must be accepted and you must maintain the eligibility requirements mentioned below.

Semester Credit Load
  • Not having more than 50% of scholarship and/or discount.
  • A minimum course load of 12 billed credits per semester unless the student is graduating this year.
  • A maximum of 18 billed credits per semester.

Change of Majors
AUE students changing majors/degrees or holding a bachelor degree and shifting to a major in an AUE academic school may benefit from Financial Aid for the remaining number of credits required for graduation in the new major/degree provided that the total number of Financial Aid credits does not exceed the new major’s total credits

If CGPA drops below 2.0.
Immediately if a student receives two warnings.
Students may also disqualify for financial aid and/or scholarships in subsequent semesters if they fail to work satisfactorily and/or to complete the scheduled hours with no valid reason.