The widest array of scholarships given to students at AUE is in the form of need-based grants that are used to compensate tuition fees. Others are given for merit; those are Scholarships for Academic Excellence and are offered to the students who have achieved exceptionally high levels of academic excellence in their studies, sports, and social clubbing, etc…

Grants are awarded to full-time students based on a financial examination of the information presented by the applicant to the Financial Aid department. AUE observes equal opportunities and commits to treating all families equitably.​ The allocations for the scholarship are secured from the university's budget as part of its promise towards its socio-economical commitment.

AUE is always committed to affordable education to the youth in the country, the Balkans, and globally through its scholarships and grants.

  • Selection process: recipients will be selected by AUE in coordination with the donor.
  • Duration of the grant: renewed until graduation if eligibility is maintained.
  • Conditions:
    • The beneficiary shall accept and obey to AUE’s and donor’s conditions in writing.
    • Offered to exceptional students