AUE’s Tuition Promise

AUE leadership understand and preserve the families’ needs of predictability and assurance to be able to plan financially for a college education. One of the most important decisions students and families will ever make is choosing a college or university. It is our duty and pledges to provide the highest return on families' educational investment. The American University of Europe’s Tuition Promise will offer all new registered undergraduate students and their families the confidence that Tuition, accommodation, and Course Fees will be frozen over the three years needed to accomplish the undergraduate studies. By keeping tuition and fees constant, AUE establishes the stability students and families need to plan financially for a University education. Fixed costs also safeguard that a student’s renewable scholarships and financial aid denars/Euros will retain their value over the entire study period. Throughout this promise, we take the first step toward creating an accessible, steadfast premium, transformative tertiary education.

AUE’s Tuition Fees

Degree Cost of credit Average completion time
Undergraduate Studies 150€ per credit* 3 years
Graduate Studies 200€ per credit** 2 years
Doctoral Studies 5000€ per year 3-5 years
Non-degree student 150€ --
* Normal Undergraduate load per year: 30 credits (per year 150€ x 30credits = 4500€)
** Normal Graduate load per year: 18 credits ( per year 200€ x 18credits =3600€)

AUE’s additional fees

Application fees 100 €
Admission fees 30 €
Housing fees 200 € /month
Health Insurance fees 60 € /year (Basic)
ID Fees 10 €
Parking fees 10 € / Month
Commencement fees Free
Nostrification fees 400 €