Interview with the Chairman of The Board of Trustees of the American University of Europe AUE

"He is a friend of Turkey and Turkey lover. He has established a throne in the hearts of the people with the help he has given throughout the years… He has rolled up his sleeves for a Hollywood movie project, which is of great importance for our country… The budget of the film, which will create a deep bond based on the Ottoman-Irish friendship, is 25 million dollars…" The world famous philanthropist Prof. Dr. Henry Abdo, gave information to the Turkish journalist - Habib Babar, about his tremendous work.

Can you please elaborate a bit about your latest educational activities?

One of our latest educational activities that I am fully versed in is the American University of Europe. It is a global quality educational institution, that applies the latest American educational Modus Operandi. It is a student-oriented facility that follows liberal education. At AUE, we based our activities on the corporatization of education, and by that, we mean adapting the University’s policies based on the multinationals’ and corporate emerging and evolving needs… We endeavor to hone the human behavior, knowledge, and skills to fit the workplace needs and wants.

Liberal Education? Can you just brief us on that perspective?

Of course, liberal education can be summarized as a system or direction of education appropriate for the cultivation of a free (Latin: liber) human being. It is based on the 21st-century philosophy of education that empowers individuals with broad knowledge and transferable skills. It also equips the student with a stronger sense of values, ethics, and civic engagement ... Teaching according to that philosophy is characterized by challenging encounters with important issues, and more a way of studying than a specific course or field of study by the Association of American Colleges and Universities. Usually global and pluralistic in scope, it can include a general education curriculum that provides broad exposure to multiple disciplines and learning strategies in addition to in-depth study in at least one academic area. Our curricula at the university are a clear illustration of that principle.

What direction or vision do you follow at the AUE?

Our Vision is to accelerate the progress while maintaining the highest elaborate learning environment that continuously preserves and transmits knowledge for the service of wisdom and mankind. As for the Mission, AUE is a Twenty-First Century Liberal and Global Education facility, it enables its diverse global attendees to a progressive and upskilled mindset where critical thinking, adaptability, diversity, and sustainability according to the UN 2030 agenda are consecrated.

Would you mind Dr. Abdo to expand a bit about globalization and diversity at AUE?

Not at all… Global educational policies and practices in the 21st century exist and are dictated not by a country’s macro structures rather by a supra-national megastructure. Global processes affect nowadays education and any professional institution has to constantly scan the megastructure for novelties and update to keep pace with its competition and the constantly changing demands of societies, markets, and even human needs. To illustrate more, some of those forces might include non restrictively worldwide movement and state of the human capital and brain circulation, economic development, multiculturalism, intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, technological change, etc. As for diversity, we need to follow the changing ethnoscape created and dictated by globalization. We have to manage ethnic, religious, gender, age, race, physical and mental differences, abilities, economic background, etc. At AUE, everybody receives equal and equitable treatment. We focus our attention on enabling students to have an equal opportunity in the marketplace and to educate them to respect and cherish diversity and appreciate its value.

Sustainability? How are you committed to it?

As an epicenter of learning, AUE has a critical role to play in addressing important global challenges and achieving the SDGs by 2030. The university, programs, individual course syllabi, and educators have a responsibility to equip our students with the knowledge to understand the global challenges facing the world and the skills to overcome them. We acknowledge our role in preserving and taking part among other committed educational institutions to provide a better world for future generations.

In your mission statement are mentioned critical thinking and adaptability, what is their importance?

Critical thinking in education usually leads to developing students' and attendees' judgment, evaluation, and problem-solving abilities. Students have to be prepared to face the ever-changing scenarios of the marketplace. We work on raising curiosity, logic, reasoning, and self-evaluation in opposition to the traditional mechanical learning systems and methods. In the 21st century, adaptability has become the watchword of occupational and professional realms. What this means is that as a human being, you must be taught and well equipped to adapt. We believe that we have to prepare AUE’s students mentally to handle whatever life throws at them when waking each morning… Flexible people go better and longer ways in changing conditions, they also excel on teams; from homogeneous to multifunctional. People who fail to adapt are too rigid and end up by resisting and defying change broken and obsolete.

What is your promise for the potential candidates of AUE?

Our promise for them is quality, whether in education, administration, campus life, and even tuition and para-educational fees… Where it comes to tuition and fees, a wide array of student financial aids programs is devised and put to service our students. Our tuition fees are also calculated to provide the highest ratio of quality to cost.

Thank you, Dr. Abdo, before ending the interview what would you like to add?

I would like to mention our close collaboration with the prestigious Miami University. Where collaboration is brought to its highest and where students can enjoy mobility from AUE to Miami and vice versa. Also in the matter of the pandemic, safety is considered and preserved at a climax. Students will follow the theoretical sessions online and for validity and seriousness, the practical work and exams will be done on campus where social distancing will be catered to. We hope that this global health crisis will unravel and the customary campus life that makes the academic journey of the students pleasant and flourishing with a plethora of unforgettable pleasant memories returns to stay.

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