Provost of the American University of Europe

Prof. Dr. Ljubomir Frckoski

Dear students,

On behalf of the whole AUE FON community – a partnership of teachers, researchers, supporting staff, it is both an honor and a great pleasure for me as Provost of AUE FON University to welcome you all to a new academic year (2020/2021).

As you know at the AUE FON you will be learning from very competent teachers in the field. By gaining new insight and knowledge, we will inspire one another to reflect profoundly on both new and old questions by using varied scientific methods.

I can assure you that you are here because you can bring something new and exciting to this diverse learning community (based on the best practice and educational philosophy, incorporating the American educational standards).

In addition to critical thinking skills, you will learn and practice tolerance through the Macedonian society as a setting with a fruitful tradition of multiculturalism, enriched with a global perspective. The values of inclusiveness and dialogue as fundamental in the culture of liberal citizenship are essential for us as well as the region going through the transition towards democracy.

I encourage you to challenge yourself and your peers on a daily basis, to be open to new ideas, experiences, and directions. Thereby we can create an academic community enlightened by humanism, solidarity, and knowledge and contribute to the wellbeing of our wider communities.

We look forward to working with you over the years to come.

Your Provost

Prof. Dr Ljubomir D. Frchkoski