BA in English with Business Administration and Foreign Language B

Overview of the study program

The English Language with Business Administration and Foreign Language B program at the School of Applied Linguistics prepares future graduates in the field of humanities to develop, primarily, expertise in English language and linguistics, interdisciplinary studies in linguistics, as well as various areas of applied linguistics, by which graduates hone their language skills in multiple European languages (English and one of the following languages: German, French, Spanish, Russian).

The second pillar of this professional program includes strengthening of the knowledge and understanding of business administration by which students gain fundamental insights into issues relating to management, human resources, marketing, advertising and PR, trade and logistics, trade law, business communication, intercultural communication, etc. Graduates from this program work for various domestic and foreign companies, public and private institutions, NGOs, international projects. The interdisciplinary approach to language studying goes hand in hand with the changing trends in business. Students graduate with a profound and broad understanding of the nature of international business. The program is tailored in a way that includes the most relevant areas of linguistics and business.

In other words, the program is designed to strengthen and enhance the core language skills of the students in the professional field with the primary focus on the proper use of the English (and Foreign Language B) business-related terminology and the professional sociocultural contents that further develop communicative competences of the students especially in business settings giving them the opportunity to reach proficient level in English and intermediate/upper-intermediate level in Foreign Language B according to the CEFR (the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Including at least two global languages in addition to the acquired basic knowledge of business administration and related disciplines students can have the added benefit of improving their job prospects especially on the international job market, facilitate their career advancements and open a plethora of opportunities in their future.

The teaching approaches used aim to develop critical thinking among students and to stimulate creativity, as these are core 21st century skills. The program itself is designed to encompass compulsory courses which cover the essential issues and topics as imposed by the norms and regulations, as well as the market needs and perceived positive European practices. Furthermore, students are offered a plethora of elective courses too, which aim to hone more specific specialized skills in one or several areas and disciplines. The program is essentially an amended and improved version of prior curriculum experience.

Program Aims

The aims of the program are as follows:

  • Demonstrate a general understanding of the fundamental areas of business administration.
  • Enhance the managerial skills and the fundamental know-how to be integral part of a team especially in international business settings that requires fluency in English and/or other foreign languages.
  • Develope skills for HR management and recruitment: orient, train and develop personnel by improving skills, knowledge, capabilities and competencies required to perform well on the job.
  • Develop advertising skills: training and improving skills for increasing the market presence of companies, nonprofits and agencies, as well as for promoting greater sales, protecting an organization's reputation and nurturing relationships with customers and patrons.
  • Develop effective communication skills (oral and written) both in English and the Foreign Language B.
  • Develop intercultural competence, awareness and deeper understanding of the cultural implications in different corporate cultures and environments.
  • Unveil some cultural differences and unifying tendences by making cultural comparisons thus becoming better equipped to communicate ideas about different issues.
  • Acquire better speaking and PR presentation skills.
  • Develop effective analytical problem-solving skills.

Program Objectives

By the end of the program, graduates will have developed the following skills and competencies:

  • Use appropriate language, organization, and a range of business tools to skillfully write various genres of business writing, such as business plans and business research reports.
  • Use organization, technique and visuals to give an impressive and effective business presentation or sales pitch.
  • Use a range of speaking skills to successfully participate in business-related seminar discussions such as concision, inclusion, clarification and consideration of multiple perspectives.
  • Acquire business-related lexis in all three languages.
  • Use analytical and reflective thinking techniques to identify and analyze business problems, develop viable solutions, and make effective decisions.
  • Apply appropriate quantitative and qualitative techniques in solving business problems.
  • Demonstrate competency in the underlying concepts, theory and tools taught in the core curriculum.
  • Identify and analyze relevant factors that influence decision-making in business.
  • Develop viable alternatives and make effective decisions in an international business context.
  • Effectively address important international and multicultural issues that impact business.
  • Acquire skills and competencies in the field of international business and finance.
  • Develop awareness of concepts related to business in an international context: management, project management, management of human resources, marketing, advertising and PR, accounting and finance, business law.
  • Develop understanding of international legal issues and documents.
  • Develop skills to critically and autonomously analyze social and business issues.
  • Demonstrate competency in working in various cultural and business contexts.
  • Develop skills and awareness of IT technologies as used in market research and surveys.

Career Potential Opportunities

Graduates from this program are competent and highly trained professionals who go on to a range of professions in industries including recruitment, education, marketing, IT and the media.

More specifically, the program helps students develop soft skills needed to work in multiple domains, including but not limited to business and administration. This includes professionals, i.e. associates, who can be entrusted with technical tasks and practical application of skills pertaining to administration, staff recruitment, managing and developing human resources.

  • International cooperation.
  • Business administration.
  • Leadership and project management.
  • HR management and recruiting agents.
  • International trade and logistics officers.
  • Sales and customer relations service.
  • Marketing agents, managers of key-account clients and copywriters.
  • Conference planning and organization.
  • Agents for various cultural and business-related events.
  • Business professionals who can apply foreign language knowledge and skills.
  • Associates in research projects relating to business and intercultural communication.
  • Translators and interpreters.
  • PR professionals - with a mindset prepared to respond to the demand of varied media and who are at the same time bilingual or multilingual.

Teaching approaches

The program is delivered through a student-centered approach, including the following:

  • Classwork through lively discussions and exchanges between students and faculty.
  • Group work: debates, discussions, communication and cooperation among students.
  • Individual work: case studies, projects, presentations and research papers.
  • Interactive and student-centered teaching approaches.
  • Theory and application of theory.
  • Honing critical reading and thinking skills.

Principles of evaluation

This is a highly interactive, student-centered program, and these features are heavily reflected in the evaluation and assessment practices. Therefore, class attendance is mandatory. However, from a tolerated leave threshold, the student is allowed 30% of the regular sessions before the system automatically withdraws (AW). Note that participation is graded as well. To earn a degree in English Language with Business Administration and Foreign Language B, students must successfully complete a total of 134 credits. The standard duration of the study is 8 semesters. Per course, students are assessed in the following manner: 2 separate exams administered as a mid-term and a final exam, as well as various activities assessed during the course sessions (presentations, papers, projects, individual and/or group assignments etc.)

The mandatory internships are evaluated by the instructor/mentor at the place of internship.

A course is considered successfully completed when the calculated final score is above or equal to the required average as follows: 60% (D) taking into account the cumulative GPA.